Should We Lose Weight Fast?

Careful With Too Fast Weight Loss
Your body will be tired if you lose weight too quickly

Hello friends,

Every day I receive tons of emails like this; "Mr. Dung can show me 1 how to lose weight fast I will answer you by asking you a question, then you will have your own answers.

The question I ask you today is: What are the common points of the 6 quick weight loss ads below?

"Discount 15kg in 3 weeks - No need to apply diet!"

"5kg reduction in 11 days!"

"15kg reduction in 30 days!"

"10kg reduction in 3 weeks!"

"Discount 15kg for only 25 days!"

"5kg discount only this week!"

The main answer is: ALL Those are all FOOL They are all scammers and they say not true

I just need to type a search line " How to lose weight quickly "On Google is all the" headlines "of this type are running out. They sound very attractive, right? They satisfy your feelings and let you feel that you can lose weight immediately when using them. And do you know, these types of sales are completely false, all are just tricks. And although this is not true advertising, but because it brings huge profits so many people still disregard all (including violating the law for advertising propaganda for a This type of product is not as effective for consumers as it was said to continue to deceive consumers.

The act of deceiving consumers is such a despicable and inferior act, not only does it cost the cost of those who buy those products, but it can also bring about catastrophes for people. use, effective weight loss of these products is only temporary and sometimes it also makes consumers' health worse and worse. Such types of advertising flattering facts are not uncommon, but it does not last too long. However, it still made many people pay attention, because everyone wanted to quickly disappear the fat mass, making them more and more ugly. Maybe they still have doubts at first, but when the slimming problem is still haunting their minds, they will gradually believe it thể can ’help you do it. And so you will be mesmerized and then put a lot of money to enrich the pharmaceutical companies and other intermediary brokers.

In fact, there can't be any magic weight-loss "drugs" that can make you Lose Weight Fast quickly without leaving any consequences. Why? I will show you why those promotions are just lies.

In fact, you can fully realize the truth behind beautiful promises such as "the fastest way to lose weight" or "lose weight quickly after only 1 week" ... if you are brainstorming a little thinking. And the problem will become extremely serious if you try to chase the illusion that you can reduce 15-20kg in just a few short weeks. You need to be aware of the potential risks behind those quick weight loss advertising deals.

Careful With Too Fast Weight Loss
The fashionable weight loss method will not last long

Be Careful With "Super Speed ​​Weight Loss"

Your body will be forced to lose weight too quickly, even faster than your weight, when you use these programs, Your muscles will be lost with fat, and this can negatively affect your metabolic activity . A bigger problem of this Lose Weight Fast that it cannot last long. After you stop that weight loss regime, you are at risk of gaining weight again. By that time, your weight will not only not decrease but also increase the risk of more. You need to think very carefully about this: How to lose weight fast by "taking a short walk" is hard to bring about.

Opposite, with a fast but healthy and safe way to lose weight, although you can only reduce about 2kg per week, you can apply it permanently, not only for weight loss but also to assure you of a healthy good health . This is also the fast weight loss method that authentic nutritionists recommend to use, and also how to lose weight Officially recognized by organizations such as the American Nutrition Association.

Are there any exceptions? Have. You can completely lose more than 2kg per week if you have too much weight, because the weight loss rate is very much related to your body weight. In general, safety rules for effective weight loss You can lose 1% of your body weight each week, so if you weigh 150kg, you can lose 1.5kg per week.

But the real problem is not how much weight you lose Lose Weight Fast How do you reduce them?

Which part of your body will you lose weight? Will you lose your fat or lose your muscles? You should know that reducing your "weight" does not mean you have reduced the amount of "fat" in your body. The weight is due to a combination of muscle, bone, viscera, fat and a large amount of water.

I will give an example of a few specific metrics so you can figure this out. It also helps you understand why you shouldn't expect to lose weight so fast.

Careful With Too Fast Weight Loss
Weight loss needs to ensure health

For example, a man who weighs 130kg and needs a significant reduction in excess body fat of 32%. With 32% fat, this person will have 42kg of fat and 88kg of muscle in the body. Using this example, let's take a look at a couple of different weight loss situations (from 2-4kg fat per week) of that person as follows:

Situation 1:

Suppose this person tried to lose weight fast 2kg per week instead of 1kg as suggested. Is this good or bad? Yes, let's see:

If he reduced his body fat by half, this was the result of his body composition.

Total weight: 130kg

Fat content: 31.5%

Fat mass: 41kg

Muscle mass: 88kg

Reduce 2kg of body weight, so he will lose about 1.4kg of fat and 0.6kg of muscle. Thus, 30% of the weight he lost is the amount of muscle in his body.

Situation 2

If he reduces ½ of body fat by about 1.5 per week. This is the result.

Total weight: 129.5kg.

Fat content: 31.5%

Fat mass: 41kg.

Muscle mass:

This result will be better. Although he lost less weight, he lost 1.2 kg of fat but only 0.3 kg of muscle loss.

Situation 3:

What if he only lost 1kg of weight each week? Here is the result:

Total weight: 129kg.

Fat content: 31.5%

Fat mass: 40.5kg.

Muscle mass: 88kg.

This will be great results. Although, a 1kg reduction per week sounds rather slow, but he can completely reduce fat and retain 100% of his muscles.

So, you see, you can safely reduce your body fat with about 1-2kg per week instead of losing weight too quickly affecting health. If your body weight is larger, you can also lose more weight but cannot reduce it too quickly. If you want weight loss too fast You can reduce 20-30% of your own muscles, so soon your muscles will shrink and you will be hard to get them back.

Careful With Too Fast Weight Loss
Eating properly will result in better weight loss

Don't be fooled by those deceptive ads!

One very common thing now is that to lose weight from 3 to 5 kg per week, any diet or exercise program often requires a low-carbohydrate diet. And you should remember, your weight reduction is not because you have reduced a lot of fat, but the price to get that is YOU HAVE LOSS OF THE COUNTRY FOR MOTHER!

The only way to know if the amount of fat in your body is actually reduced is to check your body composition. You can do this through the help of authentic professionals, and you will definitely realize the potential risk of losing your body more than reducing the amount of fat you need. .

By studying hundreds of customers in weight loss, I can confirm that it is rare to lose 2-4kg of weight in a week without losing any muscle. If you lose from 2kg / week, your chances of losing your muscles are higher. If you lose muscle, your body's metabolic capacity is altered and this can lead to a situation where you will regain weight again later.

Long-Term Success Plan For Weight Loss

Impatience is one of the biggest mistakes people make when they want to lose weight. If you want Lose Weight Fast You have to accept dehydration and no muscle, and if you want to lose weight safely, you need to slow down gradually.

This is one of the most difficult lessons that all people who weigh too much need to know. You can't just sit there screaming, screaming, or dreaming that you can lose weight fast without any patience and effort. (And remember, the price you pay for that is huge).

Do not expect much from the by-products advertised abundantly in online newspapers, on television, or through classified leaflets. I'm sorry to have to tell you that, if you're still naive to believe in those things, you'll only spend your money to enrich the advertising companies as well as pharmaceutical companies, but no benefit for yourself. Those things are not "helping" you but harming you!

Lose weight one way PERFECT by a program Lose Weight Fast But still ensuring you the best health, that is the optimal measure. Losing weight slowly but surely by combining a regular, reasonable diet and moderate exercise but effective will bring you unexpected results. The Perfect Meal program is a safe weight loss program that will bring you a slim shape, while helping you to have a healthier lifestyle in your daily diet. Moreover, the program is not a race that keeps you running and never being safe, this is a gradual weight loss program that is extremely effective, because you can apply it. it forever.

Practice hard and achieve your own success!