Reasons for Women to Lose Weight Slower than Men

Reasons for Women to Lose Weight Slower than Men
Women often lose weight more slowly than men

You may have heard (or experienced yourself) that women lose weight more often than men.

This is definitely related differences in sex hormones lead to differences in both slimming processes as well as models of body fat accumulation . However, the biggest problem in women's fat reduction process is NOT a hormone problem but a factor related to fat loss that few people pay attention to ...

This factor is a very simple fact that women are usually smaller and lighter than men but they always have a misconception that they also need a diet like a good man. another woman is bigger than them. This often happens to small and small women who may still need to lose weight.

This is a testament: Last week, I received an email from a customer talking about how often she exercised three times and practiced cardiovascular 6 times a week. And for every cardiovascular exercise, she did it in 45 minutes.

She said she currently weighs 55kg and is 165cm tall, but even she is very petite but she still wants to reduce her "Some pounds of belly fat" and now she feels extremely worried.

She was interested in some of the success stories on advertising programs, especially those who participated in those programs, who were willing to challenge the transformation of metabolic activities to lose weight. But it seems that she is starting to get depressed about losing weight more slowly than others

First, I asked her if she knew anything about the percentage of fat in her body. This may sound strange, there is something called "normal weight obesity" (Normal weight obesity: those who have a normal weight - according to the expert's assessment - but still have excess fat in the body and at risk of obesity). This is an extremely important way to be able to objectively investigate and examine the most accurate body components.

After confirming that, in her body, there is actually a certain amount of excess fat that needs to be reduced, even though she doesn't have any extra weight, and this is what I told her: When you have a smaller body than others, that means you will have a lower calorie demand. When you have low calorie needs, it means that the relative calorie reduction (20%, 30%) in your body is also lower than others. So you will lose fat more slowly than people who are physically larger than you.

Reasons for Women to Lose Weight Slower than Men
Men have a faster rate of weight loss

Difference In Weight Loss Between Men And Women

Here is an example for a male:

I am a tall man and below are my body parameters:

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 96 kg and has a positive muscle.

Daily calorie intake: 3,300 calories

Calories reduced by 20% per day: 660 calories

Optimal calorie intake to lose weight daily: 2,640 calories

The amount of fat can decrease every week: 0.5 kg.

With 2,640 calories a day, I can reduce it comfortably without suffering any pain. If I increased the amount of calories burned or reduced my intake during 340 days, that would make it possible for me to lose 1 kg of weight per net. Either way, I want to achieve such a hungry diet (to keep my body hungry).

For smaller women, the equations are also very different:

For those who are 165 cm tall and weigh 55 kg, the statistics will be as follows:

Daily calorie levels: 1,930 calories (Even for people with adequate exercise.)

Calories decreased by 20% per day: 386 calories.

The optimal amount of fat must be reduced every day: 1,544 calories.

The amount of fat is expected to decrease every week: 0.3 kg.

If you can reduce positive by 30% every day, you will reduce 579 calories, bringing the body's calories to 1,351 calories / 1 day.

Women cannot lose weight as fast as men. I know it is not fair but it does not mean that women will not be able to get the body as strong as they want. It simply reflects that women with smaller bodies will lose weight more slowly than men.

So what do we do with it now?

5 Tips For Women To Reduce

Reasons for Women to Lose Weight Slower than Men
Women can still lose weight faster if they know how to do it properly

1. Establish a realistic goal to lose weight. These goals are related to gender, body size and weight. 0.5 kg of fat lost in a week is a perfectly reasonable goal for small women. People who have a large weight or excess weight may drop faster. Men also fell faster than women.

2. Make sure the amount and quality of food you eat is reasonable. A reasonable menu can ensure your body's calorie intake is healthy and can help you lose weight as you want.

3. Remember that your body weight and fat are DIFFERENT . You must know how to evaluate each of your body composition and metabolism groups so you can have a reasonable weight loss regime. (I have guided this very well in our PERFECT DINNER program.

4. Schedule weekly fat reduction schedule. This chart should be done both for body weight, body weight, kilogram of fat and body mass (body firmness). The body's volume of water and muscle mass can replace fat, so you will not change your physique. Pay special attention to the trend of progress over time.

5. Workout in the gym can help you burn more calories. A suggestion for you: Make 2 or 3 more cardiovascular exercises, you can burn more calories in the same or even shorter time. Setting up a weight exercise combined with bodybuilding exercises can give you a very good result in weight loss.

When I first shared with my clients, they all told me that this weight loss made them depressed and felt unfair. But now they didn't need to worry much about it anymore, because they had the most appropriate methods for themselves. Because the body is smaller than the others and not being able to lose weight as fast as other people is not a disappointment. Instead of plunging into quick weight loss exercises, but can lead to unanticipated dangers when you're not healthy enough to live a healthy self-confidence, make a reasonable diet with Reasonable food combined with rhythmic exercises, you absolutely can achieve the goal of quality slimming while ensuring your health.

The articles on our website will provide you with useful information for your health. Wish you more confidence in life!