The Truth You Don't Know About
Is cholesterol really dangerous?

You may be surprised at the REAL causes of cardiovascular diseases - and it has no cause for saturated fat or a balanced cholesterol diet.

We all know that cardiovascular disease is one of the main causes of the lives of so many people around the world, especially highest in countries like the US or Australia.

However, did you know that, in some recent medical studies around the world, it is clear that, Do high cholesterol levels in the body actually increase, not reduce human lifespan?

That's right, you never heard wrong! Statistics of people with high cholesterol have shown that they live longer and healthier than people with low cholesterol in some studies. There have been some references to this phenomenon mentioned in some controversial books such as "Shane Ellision's hidden facts about pharmaceuticals that reduce cholesterol", the book has a name. is, Dr. Uffe Ravnskov's book (Doctor of Science), entitled "The Mysteries of Cholesterol", as well as in Sally Fallon and Mary Enig's book, "Basic Nutrition".

Why Do People "Try" Promote People "Reduce Cholesterol In The Body"?

So why does the medical and pharmaceutical industry around the world push people to try to "lower their cholesterol levels"?

However, the first and most innocent answer that people often use is due to shortcomings in medical research from decades ago, still accepted as an obvious fact. and never be thoroughly analyzed about its correctness. On the other hand, this makes half of our planet use a cholesterol-lowering drug (such as a cholesterol-lowering drug) but ignores that they may actually be at any risk. really for cardiovascular diseases or not, and they can generate billions of dollars in profits for pharmaceutical companies.

This is a completely silly example of how doctors are dominated by pharmaceutical companies ……. “About eight years ago, I was a healthy 28-year-old, having a perfect body, regularly exercising daily, having a well-balanced diet and nutrition, no smoking and no real At any risk of cardiovascular disease, and just because my cholesterol level is above 200 according to what my doctor suggests, my doctor has asked me to take medications that reduce cholesterol.

Look carefully at this silly script! Pharmaceutical companies have hypnotized doctors so they can follow the habit of prescribing unnecessary drugs for healthy people with completely normal cholesterol because they think their cholesterol levels is over 200, so they need to decrease. Fortunately, I rejected that and avoided the potentially dangerous drugs they prescribed for me, I began to learn about cholesterol and its connections to cardiovascular diseases. in my own body. I also considered it when I learned about my father, who now lives over 60 years old, he is very healthy with cholesterol levels above 200.

The Truth You Don't Know About
A healthy diet will help balance Cholesterol

Dangerous High Cholesterol Amount

As time went by and scientists learned more about cardiovascular disease, they clearly showed that Infections in the body (not Cholesterol) are the main causes of cardiovascular disease. These infections are caused by many personal factors such as stress, smoking, viruses, and hydrogenated and processed fats (Types of artificial fats), and weight loss. equal to omega - 6 saturated fat to omega - 3 saturated fat in the diet, blood sugar, ....

In general, these are the most rapid causes of these risks. Cholesterol is a curative substance in the body (besides many other important functions), and helps treat inflammatory disease by combining it with other factors, forming a "plaque" against re-infected patients.

The level of inflammation in your body can be treated with a method called CRP test (protein reaction). The accuracy of this test can still be improved because it depends on the time of the test day and other factors, but it will be a much better sign for the risk of cardiovascular disease. compared to performing a cholesterol test (cholesterol is not very relevant to the risk of cardiovascular disease.)

Another important test for cholesterol levels for the risk of cardiovascular disease is a homocysteine ​​level test (blood amino acid). In the future, your doctor will not want you to do blood cholesterol tests, but instead they will ask for CRP and homocysteine ​​tests . Doctors should be well aware of the value of these tests when they want to perform.

Basically, If you have a serious infection in your body, even if your cholesterol is high or low, this plaque will also work to treat the infection. . On the other hand, if your infection is not serious, even if the cholesterol level is high, it will only keep the vascular operation in the body approved and ensure that it will not remain in the walls. circuit. Therefore, keeping your cholesterol level in order to control more important inflammatory diseases is "lowering your cholesterol" from those dangerous drugs.

Reducing cholesterol does not diminish the source of the problem (the true source is caused by infectious diseases in your body). Reducing the amount of cholesterol in your body has no benefit other than enriching pharmaceutical companies, and may make your body suffer from unfortunate consequences.

The Truth You Don't Know About
Be careful not to lose hormonal imbalance because of cholesterol reduction

If You keep thinking about how to "reduce that cholesterol", the consequences can cause adverse effects on your body's hormonal balance. Because cholesterol is one of the most important factors in hormone production.

Good news for preventing cardiovascular diseases You need to have a healthy lifestyle and need to control inflammatory diseases, rather than using drugs that have potential daily dangers . Controlling inflammatory diseases can easily protect you from cardiovascular diseases as a way to reduce stress for your own life (by practicing exercises to regulate your breathing, meditate, practice yoga ... .. as well as keeping me an attitude of calmness.) Maintain yourself an appropriate weight, eat high antioxidant foods, maintain a diet with those Unprocessed and non-smoking foods, trans fats, eating fast foods, and other causes can bluntly increase your weight. If you want a healthy diet to lose weight and maintain a healthy physique, as well as a diet that can help improve your health, prevent heart disease, click here. .

I hope that this article can give you useful information about the true causes of cardiovascular diseases, and they are not what you already know in medical research. Shortcomings 40 - 50 years ago, these things only helped enrich pharmaceutical companies.

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