What is the disadvantage of Paleo Diet?

Disadvantages of Paleo Diet
Paleo's natural diet is good for health

Is the Paleo diet really effective or is it just another trick for a time-honored diet?

Overall, except for a few major disagreements, I think the Paleo diet provides some valuable points and information about what we should eat to lose weight and because it's good for their health. me.

In fact, if you are looking for one of the simplest diets, Paleo can be considered one of the best options.

The reason for primitive eating is that "our genetic code has changed less than 0.02 percent over the last 40,000 years, which means our bodies still want to consume. foods and nutrition are like 40,000 years ago ”.

Forty thousand years ago, you always eat foods of natural origin . What kind of food are there in cans, boxes, packaging, right? The packaging is a cover that covers the outside, a protective layer for food to be damaged!

There was no such thing as a TV dinner. No fast food. No convenience store.

No corn syrup. No white sugar. There are no hydrogenated oils. No chemicals. No preservatives. Nothing is artificially made.

There are only food items from hunting and gathering such as meats, fish, nuts, seeds, plants, vegetables, and fruits.

By eating what our ancestors had eaten in the Stone Age, in Paleo parlance, we will have a diet that fits our evolution, and we will avoid from your own health risks and recent obesity and plague. All of these diseases are proven to be the result of modern lifestyles and artificial foods.

This effect sounds pretty good right? Then , What are the disadvantages of the Paleo diet?

By all means, we should eat a variety of unprocessed foods, similar to our ancestral diets. Honestly, I don't think we need to go into anthropological theory or research to draw the conclusion that diets that rely solely on hunting and gathering will make people healthy stronger than fast food.

Disadvantages of Paleo Diet
The only drawback of the Paleo diet is the complete removal of starches

The only thing I don't agree with is that some Paleo program points not only recommend eliminating all grains and starches. (and even milk, a source of GREAT protein to build muscles FOR THE BODY), they absolutely deny the effects of these useful nutrients completely.

Why? Well, they require agriculture to go back to 10,000 years or more, so any kind of food, just the result of modern agriculture, is listed as "banned." ". Reason? Because our bodies have not yet genetically modified to be able to consume them.

The truth is, there are certain types of starches that contain carbohydrates and very few nuts are processed or completely unprocessed.

In addition, some people 's metabolic activity can absorb starch and grains well, while others cannot (many people suffering from obesity due to physical inactivity often suffer from metabolic syndrome and not Can absorb well concentrated fiber, even if it is natural fiber).

Condemn natural foods like brown rice (a staple food for centuries by Asians, one of the healthiest foods that can help people live the longest), grains 100% whole grains, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, legumes and other good foods for the human body, especially for those who are active and have certain muscles. All these things cannot convince me.

About this, I'm not sure, can anyone know exactly how our ancestors ate, but I'm pretty sure that depends a lot on culture, climate and geography of each area. Therefore, the amount of nutrition they eat may have changed quite a lot, so I don't think it is most reasonable to have just ONE of Paleo's diets.

All primitive diets have a common feature, which is not to include refined foods or processed foods. All foods in those diets are natural, whether it's protein, fat or starch.

Of course, the amount of carbon - hydrate that the body can absorb from those regimes will not be very high, because there will be no refined sugar or processed starch. But even Loren Cordain, the author of the Paleo Diet, a "Paleo" diet can contain up to 40% carbohydrates, a far cry from many low-carbohydrate diets.

Should I Completely Remove Starch?

There is a big difference between starches and natural cereals with refined cereal products of the same type.

Disadvantages of Paleo Diet
Natural cereals are still essential for human health

For example, looking at the current fine white cereal flour, compared to the piles of oatmeal rolled with old rolled pestles, who would have thought they were of the same type?

They have nothing different, but the Paleo diet causes people to blindly believe that, NEVER should eat cereals or natural starches like refined oatmeal and brown rice.

Most bodybuilders I know eat oatmeal along with lots of other rice, sweet potatoes and natural starches at breakfast. They are the most muscular athletes in the world, and they eat them naturally and regularly, just like me, they are the healthiest people. If there is really any relationship between starches and cereals with obesity, then how do you explain our health condition best?

Disadvantages of diet More, what do you think about your own biochemical problem? In fact, a perfect diet must depend on the individual elements of each individual, such as:

1. Your metabolism / body type.

2. Your body composition is now (about fat or protein).

3. Your genetic predisposition.

4. Your current health status.

5. Your goal: reduce fat, gain muscle growth or simply increase your mobility.

In particular, for athletes who consume a lot of energy, eating carbohydrates containing concentrated Carbon Hydrate and starch will not only benefit the body but it is also very important for maintain energy and movement efficiency.

Disadvantages of Paleo Diet
Good cereal for fitness and sports activities

Even bodybuilders and healthy athletes will definitely be pleased that foods containing carbon-hydrate starch can help strengthen muscles.

In addition to some of my little disagreements about some of Paloe's strict diet related to starch, I also think that most things are quite right.

I also believe that the diet of modern Western people has provided too much refined starch and sugar (this has contributed to energy imbalance and a cause of obesity) and can Proper control of concentrated carbohydrates almost always has a fat-reducing effect, even if it simply reduces your calorie toxicity.

But I do not believe that agriculture, the processing of modern dishes is completely "bad". I think that modern fast food, today's processed foods are also evidence of an advanced modern society that is developing very well.

If you really want to live like a genuine primitive person, then why don't you go to a car, a house and your computer and come to live in a cave? You should also not use gas stoves and refrigerators because they cannot help you live "naturally". And if you do that, you can trust that the "Paleo" diet is absolutely perfect. If not, you should still use refined starch for your life, and naturally use them in a reasonable level.

Dogmatic nutrition philosophies are not useful to anyone, it only makes you more confined and confused. Reasonable diets are dependent on each individual person, combining foods that are reasonable for each person's condition, is the best way to ensure your own health.

That's the reason why in my program, I never prescribe only a list of foods or a certain percentage of protein, starch and fat for everyone - the rates Nutrition will be analyzed to suit each individual. And you can rest assured that this program is not expensive but also brings practical effect no less than any weight loss and health promotion programs that you have to spend a significant amount of money to implement. . To learn more about the foods that are good for your health, you can read other articles on our website.

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