Bodybuilders have the most muscular muscles

What Is The Secret Of The Sports Champions?

Post Interview with Tom Venuto. American National Fitness Champion.


"Tom , on your website, you write: "Who has a better body shape than bodybuilders and their competitors? No athletes in the world can achieve muscle as fast as bodybuilders. Their 12-week transformation process before certain competitions will make you astounded!

Only super-durable athletes can achieve a low fat percentage in the body, triathlon athletes and maladians have a certain amount of muscle. ”

This may sound quite contradictory, unless I'm missing something. Why do bodybuilders have to go through a 12-month "transformation" period instead of practicing whenever they want or practice in all the time periods they have? If they actually follow the secrets revealed in your book, why can't they train so often that at any time, they have a great body, instead of trying to reduce it? excess fat during competition "


Thanks for your question. There is a reasonable explanation for The reason why bodybuilders and other sports athletes do not necessarily need to train all year round, and that is a very reasonable reason ...

You can't hold a peak forever, otherwise it's not a "peak" anymore, right? What is the definition of a peak? Isn't that a high point surrounded by two lower points? So, with a body that any time of the year you can hold, it will no longer guarantee your "top" condition.

Combining Nutrition and Movement as the Best Solution

How To Be Sure - Healthy As Sports ...
Nutrition and movement are the keys to the success of bodybuilders

The main smart solution is for nutrition and movement (which almost all bodybuilders are using), bringing their muscles to a peak during a certain period of need, then easily returning to a state of sustaining energy or a standard phase suffered.

I DO NOT TALK about how you can let go of yourself, to accumulate fat yourself for a year, then stab your head back into diets, reduce fat when you come to the sprint stage. What I'm saying is how to let your body go from the state that is already in good condition to the best, then slowly reduce it back to a good state .... but never allowed to "develop" all.

This gives you a lot of meaning, doesn't it?

Here is an example: I have no intention of walking around in the perfect form as in advertising magazines, when my body is only 4% fat, 365 days a year. Honestly, it was my physical condition that I achieved before each contest.

When I rest (It is I do not need to compete with anyone), the amount of fat in my body usually ranges from 8 to 10%. For you to say, that might be a pretty nice body. My condition is not too different from the days of the competition, but it is not comparable to those days. Me It takes about 10-12 weeks or longer to gradually reduce from 9% fat to 3.5% - 4.0% to reach the top level and compete with other athletes. , who made the same fat reduction methods that I have revealed in my book.

There is hardly any hope to maintain 4% of body fat, and even if I can, why should I want it? A few weeks before the competition began, I was completely exhausted, crazy, and even "painted gibbon elephants" on my face, to the point that the complete strangers walking on the road thought I was a wanderer and give me food.

Okay, I'm just kidding a bit, but we have to affirm that, It is not pleasant if we force ourselves to ensure a certain amount of low fat in the body. Unless you belong to the natural "Ectomorph" group (People who are thin and have fast metabolism), your body will definitely be against you and you will always be hungry.

Instead of always trying to keep me a "top" body everywhere, every time I follow my cycle, I will return to my normal state, not restrained by demanding slimming requirements, just make sure tell me not to exceed 9.9% of the body fat. A few years later, I tried to maintain my body at a more balanced level, about 6-7%, especially when I knew I was going to be photographed, other times I didn't allow fat. in my body exceeds 10%. It can be considered a "balanced" threshold for my body - and it is like a personal "rule".

This fact is not just for bodybuilders. Athletes in all other sports use focused texts and divergent power in each of their tournaments.

A professional football player will have to do the same mode around the time they are about to play, so you think they practice in March or April is similar to training in August or September? No, absolutely not. They can In order for fat in the body to grow freely and be able to "develop" during regular exercise, on the contrary, when the season comes, they will have to adjust, even adjust the pitch. That's why they have a training camp.

Fitness Is A Good Measure For Ideal Body

How To Be Sure - Healthy As Sports ...
Simple exercises can bring out the most firm muscles

If you don't want the whole year to have a strong muscle shape, you need to have a diet (calorie restriction). This is also one reason that up to 95% of people cannot lose weight and keep their bodies in balance - they are permanent dieters ... .. always have a certain diet. Do you know anyone like that?

Friend It is impossible to limit its already low calorie count indefinitely. Sooner or later your metabolism will gradually slow down and Your body will adapt to the amount of food that is cut regularly, and as such it will reduce your weight.

But if you're on a weight-loss diet and work hard for 3 months, then reduce your exercise and eat a little more (healthy foods), your metabolism is elevated. .

In a few weeks, maybe a few months, you can achieve a perfect body with a low fat rate, until you have reached that time your happy time has already arrived. - a body with healthy, realistic and beautiful.

That's the way our bodybuilders do ...

Bodybuilders have also discovered an effective method of reducing excess fat, which can help them completely control their body composition. They have mastered their physique and never need to worry about it anymore.

Fitness is also a way to keep body fat low throughout the year (9% for men, about 15% for women), and then one can still achieve a temporary "top" body, with an extremely low amount of fat before each competition.

And most importantly, bodybuilders can ensure a regular shape throughout the year even though they are not at the peak of their performance. At the very least, they do not need to worry about the abnormal increase in fat like other normal dieters.

Are you confident enough to ensure that you will have a solid body all year round and have no worries about how your body will "grow" when your wedding day approaches?

I'm sure you won't want to force yourself to be like that? This has nothing to do with whether you can do it, but it simply means you have enough confidence and energy to do it or not. So, even if you are not a bodybuilder, I can say that you will agree with me about the benefits of bodybuilding exercise, right?

Why? Because, You don't need to drink some slimming pills To regulate body weight just because of a lack of confidence in the crowd due to your "overweight" weight, you don't need to spend money on advertising tricks or heavy exercise or mode. diet as for people willing to be starved on media programs! Instead, you just need to learn from the most muscular bodybuilders on the planet - Exercise in the most natural way.

Athletes get a picture of themselves whenever they want simply by adjust their diet according to a certain cycle before each competition, while other times they can drop themselves in the most normal activities, But it does not lose a healthy physique.

Bodybuilding is the best way for you to adjust your physique and weight. So choose for yourself the methods to maintain the most reliable physique. I hope that this article will partly help you gain more confidence in your life and never have to worry about your risk of "overweight" again.

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