Two Ways Corn Can
Corn can "kill" you all the time

Let's find out how these very inexpensive corn (corn) types are destroying the food system, how our dear animals and our bodies are.

I know that the title of the article can make you "shocked" but honestly, everything can happen.

And of course, when you eat popcorn and corn cakes regularly, even if they are genetically modified products, they are not good for your health. You should know that, These foods will not "kill" you right away, but they will certainly incubate slowly in your own body.

Corn Can Indirectly "Kill" You

Perhaps we should take some time to find out why Wu could indirectly "kill" us.

If you regularly visit our website and keep track of my recent posts, you may realize that I always emphasize the huge difference between the herbivores' meat and natural grazing with the meat of the animals fed corn and in the barn. Obviously, organic meat is much better, but on the market today, the meat from corn-eating animals accounts for 99%.

However, there are still many people who do not understand how the origin of food affects our health. We all know that the meat of herbivores is always better than those of cereals or soybeans. However, almost everyone has the same attitude: "I don't care, everything is the same"

In fact, it's not like that at all.

Let's look at the terrible scenarios together from corn-based foods.

We need to know that nature has produced animals and also produces grass to feed them, so their stomachs are also designed to digest those foods.

However, the market economy is growing, agriculture has also been commercialized, Farms have also used corn as a cheap food for livestock. Cattle are forced to consume these foods without being given any natural grass. Because the animal's stomach is not designed to be able to digest such a large amount of corn, their digestive system gradually gets worse, leading to them being infected with E-coli (causing disease). diarrhea). And as a result, the types of meat derived from these animals will also be infected.

The types of cattle raised by grass and natural grazing will not encounter problems with E-coli bacteria so naturally their meat will be healthy.

E-coli bacteria are very dangerous for humans

How does "Kill" us?

• First, E-coli bacteria can kill people.

Every year thousands of people die from E.coli infections (especially the elderly and children who are at high risk of infection). Even patients infected with E.coli from fruits and vegetables are also grown because these vegetables are grown in areas contaminated with wastewater from corn farms.

This is one of the reasons why I ALWAYS use grass-fed or wild beef instead of beef from cereals.

• Second, products from Ngo have never been "Good Stuff"!

And this is the second reason why corn can kill you, this reason is related to corn preparations and their by-products in processed products.

Try reading the examples below to see:

first. Types Corn-fed cows produce less quality meat, lower levels of omega-3 fatty acids, and more omega-6 fatty acids.

If you eat a lot of corn-fed beef, your body will be more affected by a series of chronic inflammatory diseases within your body due to an imbalance between omega 6 and omega 3.

Chronic cases of inflammation can cause serious cardiovascular disease and can even lead to death.

2. Corn oil is found in a wide variety of processed products.

Two Ways Corn Can
Corn oil is abundant in processed products

These refined oils not only affect your health in many ways, but they can imbalance the amount of omega 3 and omega 6 causing chronic infections.

Corn oil is also made from highly unsustainable polyunsaturated fat and due to high heat treatment (and by the use of toxic solvents during corn oil treatment), corn oil is easily caused by Inflammatory infections in the body. Therefore, like soybean oil, you should avoid them.

Thus, corn preparations are capable of causing serious infections in the body, which cause dangerous cardiovascular diseases and can even lead to death.

These are two of the reasons that Wu is "killing" you.

3. High content of artificial sweetener (HFCS).

HFCS is one of the common ingredients in the recent two-year low-end processed products due to its cheaper price than sugar. The fact that this substance is very popular in processed products such as tomato sauce, salad dressing, tomato sauce ... Even HFCS is present in all kinds of bread and cereals. Even HFCS is present in carbonated beverages. And in fact you are consuming a large amount of toxic substances.

Although these are very harmful substances that cause death, I am still very surprised why this substance is not banned. And maybe this never happened because all the big companies are involved in the corn industry.

Using HFCS for a long time not only makes you obese, it also causes diseases like diabetes, premature aging and many other health problems. Obesity and diabetes can kill you.

And Ngo killed you.

4. Did you know that about 85% of corn is genetically modified?

Two Ways Corn Can
85% of corn is genetically modified

Scientists (not bound by big companies) think that Genetically modified products such as corn, soybeans, can have long-term effects on your health. Even these problems are not turned on. This is also a very controversial issue so I don't want to go too deep into it.

I also know that this seems rather heavy, because corn is the basic food but it is so dangerous. But it is time for you to have a good look at the foods and the origins of the foods that affect your family health.

However, many people do not value their health until they fall ill. It is a sad truth and will always be a part of our lives.

What Should We Eat?

The most important thing you do is to CONTINUE remind yourself to always pay attention to the foods you eat, carefully read the ingredients of the foods you choose to buy out of the supermarket, and it is best to choose foods Organic.

Always remember, new unprocessed foods are the most optimal foods.

Share this article with your loved ones and family so they can have a better life!

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